Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stargate Universe theme vis a vis LOST

This discussion certainly may not influence development of Stargate entertainment, alternate time lines, Stargate Worlds and Stargate Extinction. Post here to help development and preservation of existing timelines of Stargate that we know and with which we have familiar and  comforting synaptic pathway patterns. Feel free to express your opinions about the people you do or do not wish to see in developing Stargate timelines. The fact I am commenting on the Stargate program and the Stargate Worlds MMORPG is also coincidental as I have no affiliation with Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment. I am an ally of humanity and the Earth, lol, perhaps not as optimistic as Klatu however.

I am questioning the logic of using resources, good will, etc of the Stargate franchise into a "Lost" survival spin-off instead of following the course of the Stargate program's role of intergalactic diplomacy and superb writing that has given us such wonderful entertainment heretofore. Fortunately, SGU has the Stones. And at least information can be exchanged.However, it is accomplished through a bizarre process of body swapping over distances of billions of light years. The only thing that keeps one from completely rejecting the idea is the metaphysical process that takes place between 1st Lt Scott and his deceased adopted father, whose very soul appears to be released from some kind of purgatory in the process of Scott pronouncing his forgiveness of him as he found the mathematically disproportionate amount of needed Calcium Carbonate to give the passengers of Destiny the air that they need to survive for another episode. It's a religious thing. So, why not magic body swapping stones? I'm having a tad bit of trouble with the tenuous connection.

Possibly, it seems that Stargate Universe may be playing down the importance of the Stargate program(s) in general. On the upside, there is a tantalizing glimpse into the potential importance of Stargate Worlds MMORPG.

Atlantis has left Stargate fans, like moi, captivated with what is going on in parts of the universe that are relatable to our own reality. The Separation of SGU into an isolated "Survival" program may be a huge gamble and possibly a mistake for MGM. It's salvation may lie in the "laurels" of previous Stargate successes and continuing to build on the recurrence of interaction with the story arc's -and- characters of SGA, including, the actors we know, playing the characters of Ronan, Teyla, Col Sheppard, Dr's McKay, Keller, Beckett and Zelenka; Aiden Ford, Col Carter (always by Amanda Tapping), a return of Dr Weir (with Tori Higgensen), Col Caldwell (with Mitch Pileggi), even Richard Woolsey, the Nox, Asgard, and other memorable, as well as essential to the future, SG-1 characters like Teal'c, Vala, Mitchell, Landry, Hammond to name only a few. But the way it has been set up, there is no real room for interaction other than through the body swapping Stones. What about multiple and intersecting story arcs? It will not be dificult if not impossible. And therein lies the rub, as I see it.

While those of us who are stuck in the reality of living in horrible economic times, losing jobs, worrying about keeping jobs, office politics, and so on; there is some comfort in seeing longevity of characters through their recurrence in new shows. It adds to the literary suspension of disbelief, in my humble opinion. At the same time, for a series that appeals to the smarter than average viewing public, most viewers understand a tad bit about the reality of economics of entertainment production. We get it, once you've created a huge star like Amanda Tapping, it gets expensive to have her show up on screen at all.

Having seen Air Three now, I personally am wondering if the producers are relying on out of work Soap Opera writers to help control costs. The Stargate Universe developing story arc is, I understand, intended to draw new audience who may not necessarily know about previous Stargate happenings. But the fan base starting off definitely will want their science in the fiction.

Of course, I also support recurring appearances of  Daniel Jackson and if intersection with other timelines were not to get too confusing for the new audience members, a reappearance of Daniel played by James Spader and especially General O'neil played by Kurt Russell. "Damn the bean counters, Damn Then all to Hell"!